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Electrosmog (or eSmog) is an informal term for an excessively high concentration of electromagnetic fields with possible adverse effects on the health of living organisms – humans, animals, plants and other animate beings, including single cells. Mobile devices (cell phones, smartphones, notebooks, tablets etc.) produce eSmog and put stress on our internal biological processes.

The legally defined specific absorption rate (SAR) only protects our bodies against the influence of high-frequency radiation. But our organism actually uses low frequencies for internal communication. The frequencies that our cell phones emit in this range interfere with this communication – continuously. Conclusion: it is proven that the actual damage caused during the use of mobile devices takes place in this area. WAVEEX is the only technology in the world that expands its protection to include low-frequency radiation and thereby makes it easier for our bodies to tolerate in the long-term.

The use of WAVEEX is generally recommended for everyone regardless of their ages. However, the brains of children and adolescents have not finished growing yet and it can be assumed that the negative effects associated with mobile radiation also have a negative impact on the human brain in the long term.

“Our competitors primarily aim to reduce the legally defined SAR levels. However, these SAR levels only protect our bodies against the influence of high-frequency radiation. The WAVEEX technology is unique in expanding this protection to a biological level. This is possible by positively changing the low-frequency electromagnetic fields that are being formed. These low-frequency waves are the ones that can cause physical harm with the long-term use of mobile devices.

Some examples of known negative effects on the human organism are: heachache/migraine, insomnia, nervousness, depression, dry/burning eyes, weakening of the immune system, skin irritations, etc.

The two inventors Alfred and Helmut Theuretzbacher discovered the solution of the smoothing effect of magnetic peaks. For years, these two brothers in Germany and Austria have been researching ways to modify the low-frequency radiation that is generated during the use of mobile devices.

In the sections “Specialist studies” and “WAVEEX expert opinions” as well as in the “Specialist articles” in our WAVEEX Magazine you will find the most important publications, studies and articles in connection with the scientifically proven effect of WAVEEX.

We are currently working on a measuring device that will distinguish WAVEEX from imitations. But this measuring device won’t be able to measure the effectiveness, since it directly influences our organism, which is extremely complex. To make scientifically relevant statements in this regard, the tests (currently) have to be performed in a lab. We are working on a solution in this area.

Scientific explanations

Yes, by now the positive effect of WAVEEX has been verified by the results of numerous scientific and medical studies. The latest measurements were even monitored by BUREAU VERITAS and the results were verified and certified.  You can get a good overview on this website under the category “Studies and Expert Reports”.

The most important effects, which have been proven in numerous studies and measurements, show that WAVEEX smoothes magnetic field peaks (called gradients). The crystal structure of water is also preserved. This protects the blood count from changes and reduces the level of physical stress.

The EU-financed European REFLEX study and the privately financed VERUM study were published in 2008. These clearly showed that the legally defined limit should depend on the frequency – but it actually does not. Because every frequency has a different effect on our bodies. This means that a reduction of the SAR levels evidently doesn’t always make sense. Another solution had to be found.
This was followed by groundbreaking discoveries in the biological area which showed us which way to go: it was clear that the solution had to lie in the low-frequency range.

The dark field observation done during blood profile tests shows healthy blood full of life energy, with individual, clearly recognizable blood cells.

Water crystal photography shows a nice crystal-like structure. Test results show that without WAVEEX, the gradients created by an active cell phone destroy the water structure.

In 2011, Dr Walter Hannes Medinger conducted the “Investigation of the resonances of the Vital Energy mobile phone chip in water using phase coherence spectroscopy”. This basic report proves that the frequencies in the water behave differently depending on whether a WAVEEX chip is under the water glass or not. This is an important finding, since the human organism consists for the most part of water. The resonances determined under the influence of WAVEEX could be interpreted with regard to their physical-chemical and biological significance.

This biological test got fantastic results: The experimental test series provided three analogue groups of fresh quail hatching eggs: 1) neutral reference pattern, 2) exposed to the radiation of a mobile phone, 3) exposed to the radiation of a mobile phone with WAVEEX. Groups 2 and 3 were exposed to radiation during 5 days before incubation and 14 days during incubation.
The results clearly indicate that WAVEEX has a positive effect on cell metabolism. When using WAVEEX no additional DNA double stress fractures occurred and the oxidative stress level in the cells significantly normalized. Further, WAVEEX caused a decrease in embryotoxicity.

The measuring setup is relatively simple. A total of 121 measuring points at distances of 5 cm (11 x 11) are measured with a precision tesla meter (device used to measure electromagnetic fields). First without a cell phone. This shows the electromagnetic field of that area. Then we place an active cell phone in the center of the area and measure again. Now we subtract the test results from the first measurement. This shows the electromagnetic field distribution caused by the cell phone. The measurement is then repeated using a cell phone WITH WAVEEX. Now we can see how WAVEEX balances out the electromagnetic fields. This compensation ranges up to 0.4 microtesla. That is a quite a lot when you consider that the magnetic field peak of the installed antenna is 2.4 microtesla. It is important to understand, that it is not the minimum and maximum values which is relevant, but the distribution of values in the field.

Here the effects of a ten-minute cell-phone conversation on the blood profiles of 62 respondents are tested with and without WAVEEX. The blood profile always showed negative changes without WAVEEX. When WAVEEX was used, a healthy blood profile remained stable and a disadvantaged blood profile was always improved.

This measures the effects of a fifteen-minute cell-phone conversation with and without WAVEEX on our organism’s stress level using an ECG equipment. If a phone call was made without and then with WAVEEX, the stress level with WAVEEX was always lower. The other way around – where the phone calls were made first with and then without WAVEEX – showed almost the same values. The explanation for this is that WAVEEX triggers a memory function in our organism so that an unprotected phone call after a protected one is processed similarly. No tests were performed on how long this effect lasts.

We can’t make such a claim, nor would we be legally permitted to do so. Mobile communications have existed for about thirty years. Only now are the first proven cases of cancer becoming known. Our testers have only been using WAVEEX for three years. So it is not possible to make any claims in this regard. We would like to point out and emphasize that it is better when WAVEEX prevents changes (clumping together) in the blood profile during phone calls so that it remains stable and may even improve in a best case scenario. Furthermore, it is certainly better when the body’s stress level stays low or is even decreased.

Purchase options

In the EU, WAVEEX is currently mainly sold via online shops. In addition, WAVEEX is available in selected pharmacies, organic shops and electrical shops.

In each country, we will have one partner who will sell WAVEEX exclusively. If no general contractor has been defined for a particular country yet, retailers can also buy WAVEEX directly from WAVEEX World GmbH, Austria.

With orders of > 10,000, we can supply the chip itself in other colors. Except for any metallic colors – they are excluded! A more elegant solution is printing a personalized logo or desired text on the separate protective film. We offer this service for orders as small as 100.


This is very easy to do. First, thoroughly clean any grease and dust from the surface. Then pull off the film and firmly press WAVEEX directly on or as close as possible to the battery or other power supply. If you attach WAVEEX to the exterior, you can cover it with the enclosed protective film.

Attach WAVEEX to the base station on the power adapter for cordless telephones via wireless technology (DECT). Attach it to the mobile part the same way you would attach it to a mobile phone.

Yes, WAVEEX works whether you have a protective cover for your mobile device or not. What matters is that you attach (stick) WAVEEX directly to the mobile device, as close to the battery or power supply as possible.

Yes, WAVEEX also works without the protective film. This is just an added adhesive protection if you attach WAVEEX to the outside and you don’t have an additional cover. If you attach WAVEEX directly to the battery, the protective film is not necessary.

Then we cannot guarantee that WAVEEX works properly. ALWAYS mount WAVEEX as close as possible to the battery.

Yes. Do not attach any stickers in addition to WAVEEX. Especially if they consist of any kind of metal (metallic colors).

No, only one WAVEEX on one device.

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